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Castrol TLX Plus

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Castrol TLX Plus

At Castrol Marine, we know that using high performance lubricants translates directly into less maintenance and downtime and greater operating efficiency. For maximum value, don't compromise, choose Castrol.

Castrol TLX Plus incorporates advanced additive technology and is proven in extensive trials to exceed the performance needs of the most adverse operating conditions, including those in low oil consumption engines. The superior cleanliness performance of Castrol TLX Plus can make a real impact by offering the potential to extend overhaul intervals* by up to 33%. This can lead to significant savings in spare parts and labour costs. Castrol TLX Plus, optimum lubricant performance, maximum vessel earnings.



  • Corrosion protection
  • Long term reliability
  • Wear protection
  • Fuel handling
  • BN stability
  • Viscosity control
  • Piston and crankcase cleanliness


Advanced Formulation for Severe Conditions
With higher operating temperatures and pressures, smaller sumps and lower oil consumption, modern marine lubricants need to meet extreme demands.

Castrol TLX Plus is an advanced, high performance marine lubricant developed for medium speed engines to provide high levels of performance and safety in operation.

Extensive field trials have confirmed that Castrol TLX Plus is suitable for use in the most demanding, highly rated medium speed diesel engines.



The Right Solution

Castrol TLX Plus is available in a range of Base Numbers to meet your engine manufacturer’s specification.

The Castrol TLX Plus series of oils hold approvals from all major medium speed engine manufacturers.