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Firstly, we kindly express our earnest gratitude to our dear customers for your special interest in exploring the range of products and services that Ocean Viet has to offer. We would like to wish you great success in your operation. 


Dear Customers,


Ocean Viet is proud and pleased to present to you the products and services that have been supplied by our company. From here, we will help you understand and aquaint you with the business activities of Ocean Viet’s supplying:

  1. Supplying lubricant and grease of original source, made by the famous companies on the world market, such as: Shell, Castrol, BP, Caltex, Mobil, Total, Kluber, SKF, Dow Corning, Jet Lube, Weatherford, Bakerlok, Houghton, GS (Korea)... with competitive price, original good quality and quick delivery service.
  2. Supplying almost all equipments and machineries for Maritime and Oil & Gas industries:

Industrial chemicals: Oil and Gas Chemical (KCL, Boric Acid, Amonium Bfluoride, Soda light…), Freon Gas (Dupont, Honeywell, Galco…) Anti-coagulation substance, Anti-bubbling substance, Painting products and other solvents.

Air filter, fuel filter, oil filter of Donaldson, Fleetguard, Badwin…, water filter.

Fittings, Couplings, Steel Pipes, Motor and Power Transmission equipment, Electrical and Lighting devices, Test Intruments, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Janitorial and Painting, Material Handling,

  1. Providing consumable, PPE, machine, equipment… for Marine, Oil & Gas industry.
  2. Providing compress air for industrial:pressure vessel, compress air line
  3. Providing industrial electrical equipment.

  4. Providing Red Wing

  5. Providing Guven Grabs.

  6. Providing equipment for industrial refrigeration, ....

  7. Providing orther types of industrial equipment.

With firm faith and commitment to customer development, Ocean Viet Company is dedicated in our endeavor to further your interest and offer you the best services and products for mutual development.



Thank you very much and Welcome dear Customers to Ocean Viet.


Best Regards,



Nguyen Danh Tho (Mr.)



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