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Solenoid Valve MVD2

Model: MVD2
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Brand: Nhật Bản
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 Solenoid Valve MVD2

Konan's Powerful Solenoid Valve for Heavy-duty Applications has proven excellent performance as a key component for pneumatic automation systems in various factories and plants. With sophisticated shape and function established through abundant experiences, this valve is continuing to provide powerful and highly reliable performance under harsh environment and conditions.


■Spool valve system, Pilot-acting type

■Gasket-connected type

■Port sizeRc3/8 , Rc1/2 , Rc3/4 , Rc1

Working pressure 0.12 0.7MPa

Fluid temperature 20 60

Ambient temperature 20 50

Effective sectional area 60mm2 70mm2 150mm2 165mm2

Response timearea

AC 0.03s 0.03 s 0.05s  0.05 s

DC 0.04s  0.04 s 0.065s  0.065 s

Max. operating frequency 1 /s 1 cycle /s

Internal leakage JIS B 83732015 Less than value of the standard

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