Positioning Employee Value – Factors Helping Shell Vietnam Become the Best Place to Work in Asia 2023 in Vietnam

August 3, 2023. Shell Vietnam received the Asia’s Best Place to Work Award 2023 in Vietnam, organized by HR Asia Magazine and BMI. This is the second year the company participated in the evaluation survey and was honored in the group of 122 companies as Asia’s Best Place to Work 2023.

Shell has been known for its business activities of high-quality lubricant products for cars, personal motorbikes and specialized means of transport such as heavy vehicles and ships; for industrial engines and machines, under reputable brands such as Shell Advance, Shell Helix, Shell Rimula, Shell Tellus, etc. Shell is chosen and trusted by customers with world-class technology application services, based on the criteria of bringing value to customers and business partners, such as: Shell LubeMatch, Shell LubeAdvisor and Shell LubeAnalyst as well such as digital solutions like the Share application. As the world’s largest supplier of finished lubricants, Shell continues to strive to provide customers with lubrication products and solutions that can meet their diverse needs.

Over the past 16 years, Shell has maintained the title of “World’s No. 1 lubricant supplier” (according to Kline). To achieve this milestone, the human factor plays an important role in the strategy of developing and maintaining long-term business operations. The company has been building, consolidating and developing the talent ecosystem, with the aim of improving the quality of human resources and increasing cohesion and mutual coordination in the direction of quickly adapting to advances in the economy. global economy.

A professional and integrated working environment is the foundation for the company’s talent development, focusing on training and professional development programs, creating conditions for employees to explore and achieve. to their potential, exposing employees to opportunities to challenge and experience a global working environment.

In addition, the company is aiming to become one of the most diverse and inclusive organizations in the world, a place where all employees are always appreciated, respected and closely connected. Not only that, as a company with a role in the field of future energy, the development of modern technology and digital transformation, the company focuses on inspiring employees to develop a learning mindset, Optimize your potential, and constantly improve your skills and ability to stay ahead of new trends